Every Child Succeeds...Period, RISE UP

Education Next: Alternatives to suspensions/expulsions

Our state (and thereby, we, as the people in it) are failing African American students. We all believe, however, that truly “great” education levels an unequal field. We even know that God is blessing our efforts.

The issue of “exclusionary discipline practices” (like suspensions and expulsions) is quite relevant to this conversation. As a driver of the “school to prison pipeline,” – and as every parent and youth worker knows – how we discipline and develop our children matters. The immediate outcome alone isn’t our goal, but what children internalize through the process that makes a difference. It moves far beyond a simple control of behavior.

This Education Next article carefully examines these discipline issues and provides some hopeful alternatives to traditional suspension and expulsion.  It is highly related to our understanding of trauma and the building up of character in our children.  By the way, while it comes as no surprise, empathy helps in the discipline process.

I have tremendous hope that our city will get this right for our most undeserved children — and, for our part, we will keep learning and growing until every child in our schools succeeds. Thank you for all you do.


A Math Lesson at Renaissance

Lead Like Jesus ♦ Every Child Succeeds…Period ♦ Value the Team ♦ Embrace the Process ♦ Generate Joy  ♦ RISE UP


Every Child Succeeds...Period, Lead Like Jesus

Merry Christmas! (and thank you)

Merry Christmas! 

Teachers, staff, and partners, you deserve a grateful shout out!  As the apostle Paul says, “we continually thank God for you.” Your servant heart, dedication to the mission, tremendous work ethic, and humble attitudes have produced many tangible results over the past 6 months. Children like those pictured below continually reap the benefits. “Thank you,” hardly covers it.

We give God the glory for bringing together such a great group of people to positively impact children in our cities. On behalf of all of us at LUMIN, please enjoy a safe, relaxing, and reflective Christmas week.

Merry Christmas and may God richly bless your continued service to and through Him.


The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice…

Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.

Psalm 97:1,11

A Recent Chapel at Northwest Lutheran 

Lead Like Jesus ♦ Every Child Succeeds…Period ♦ Value the Team ♦ Embrace the Process ♦ Generate Joy  ♦ RISE UP


Lead Like Jesus

Peder Eide @LUMIN for Christmas

Welcome back to Peder Eide! Our leaders truly enjoyed our reflective time with Peder this summer and look forward to celebrating Christmas together with our staffs on Thursday night.

LUMIN Family — you won’t want to miss this! Peder comes highly recommended!


See the special invitation to you from Peder himself!

Embrace the Process, Every Child Succeeds...Period, Generate Joy

Our Three Week Sprint

Mrs. Rupprecht reinforces success

What a way to start the next three week sprint to Christmas. Traditionally this is a point in the year where kids lose important ground-tragically for many kids.  Not here though… For us it is an opportunity to gain ground.

As I walked around Pilgrim Lutheran today I was reminded of a quote from “Bringing Out the Best In People” by Aubrey Daniels.

“People do what they do because of what happens to them when they do it.”

Our school culture for the next three weeks will look exactly like what we reinforce each moment. I saw it in the face of a kindergartner today, one who struggled significantly only a month ago.  The teacher’s excitement was beaming when her entire class beat a previous record, which was immediately called out and reinforced to that class.  I saw that this same kindergartner was not only 100% on task, but was smiling, nodding, and truly joyful through and through.

He was enjoying school, because he was successful and knew it. Isn’t that just what we all want? 

When we reinforce what we want to see our children will sprint ahead.

Thank you folks, your work is making a difference.


Lead Like Jesus ♦ Every Child Succeeds…Period ♦ Value the Team ♦ Embrace the Process ♦ Generate Joy  ♦ RISE UP


Lead Like Jesus

In Memory…

We are eternally grateful for the dedicated service of Benita Johnson, an administrative assistant at Renaissance School who the Lord took to be with Him. Some of the children she impacted in two quick months recorded a video of just how much she loved her Lord, her family, and all our children.

Today there truly is “rejoicing among the angels.”  

Watch the Video


Lead Like Jesus ♦ Every Child Succeeds…Period ♦ Value the Team ♦ Embrace the Process ♦ Generate Joy  ♦ RISE UP
Every Child Succeeds...Period

Rita Pierson: Every Child Needs a Champion

About a week ago I was priviledged to speak to a group of leaders, teachers, and friends in New Mexico.  I ended with this video.  If you need a reminder of your potential impact as teachers, watch this. You won’t regret it. 



Lead Like Jesus ♦ Every Child Succeeds…Period ♦ Value the Team ♦ Embrace the Process ♦ Generate Joy  ♦ RISE UP
Every Child Succeeds...Period, Lead Like Jesus

“Say Hi to Jesus”

~Say Hi to Jesus~

Some things just stick with you, and this phrase will for a long time. It was written by an elementary student at Renaissance School in Racine to a staff mers-student-group-110916mber who unexpectedly passed away this week. While tragic and heartbreaking, our children are simply amazing. 

“Say Hi to Jesus,” written to Benita and her family, was a simple, straight forward summary of the ultimate goal our Lord has set before us – to be with Him. It was also a beautiful manifestation a key LUMIN core value: Lead Like Jesus. 

Benita will be missed, but as our children know, this tremendous woman of faith is smiling with Jesus — and there is no greater joy that that.


Lead Like Jesus ♦ Every Child Succeeds…Period ♦ Value the Team ♦ Embrace the Process ♦ Generate Joy  ♦ RISE UP